How Not to Break Off a Diet and Adjust Yourself to Losing Weight

It is difficult to lose weight, but it is even more difficult to keep the result achieved. Therefore, the diet is not a whirlpool, which rushes headlong and crazy thought “eh, come what may!”. Properly adjust yourself to weight loss and prepare for all the traps awaiting on the way to a slender figure – that’s what really is worth concentrating on before you seriously take on yourself.

How Not to Break Off a Diet and Adjust Yourself to Losing WeightHow Not to Break Off a Diet and Adjust Yourself to Losing WeightMany are deterred from dieting by a severe restriction in nutrition – they will only look at the page with the figure “900 kilocalories per day”, and their head is already dizzy from hunger. Do not worry, there are scientific methods that allow you to calculate the caloric intake you need. To adjust yourself to losing weight in view of objective factors, look through the books for a healthy lifestyle and determine your weighting rate. Then take a critical look at yourself in the mirror. There are women with a broad bone that will never look fragile, but they can become stately and fit. Measure your expectations: it’s a pity, losing weight, make sure on a personal example in the fairness of the proverb “A thin cow is still not a doe”, which the mysterious Kim Protasov, the author of the “Protasov diet”, made into the title of his legendary article. So, suppose your weight is 70 kg, but I would like 60 kg. Multiply your desired weight by 22 – and you will get the number of calories needed to maintain your life at rest, that is, lying on the couch. It will be 1320 kcal. If you are active enough, for example, at work mostly on your feet, in addition you run a household and walk forty minutes a day on foot, this figure should be multiplied by 1.4. It will be almost 1850 kcal. If you are fond of garden garden in the summer or devote aerobics for at least an hour twice a week, for this period you can throw another 200-250 calories.


Stick to this calorie content until you reach the desired result, and then increase the diet to the same 1850 kcal. This is your healthy norm – you will get everything you need to maintain life and do not get better (unless you change your lifestyle to a more passive one). Remember: for the optimal (for you) energy value of nutrition you can go and without a period of a rigid diet – you will still lose weight, but it will happen slowly and smoothly. This option is not suitable for everyone, no matter what, and a noticeable result is one of the most powerful motivations for losing weight.

This situation is more serious than the previous one. Many women, in words passionately dreaming to lose weight, are actually very afraid that they will no longer be able to explain their failures with huge volumes. According to the principle: “If I were slender, I would easily arrange a personal life, and who will take such a fat woman?” They are afraid to face the truth about themselves, even though they know about it, and therefore persistently break every attempt at weight loss, referring to ” features of exchange. ” It happens that obese women suffer from pathological shyness and are afraid even to talk with men, but their extra pounds and “metabolism” have nothing to do with it. Therefore, adjusting to weight loss and once again limiting your diet to cabbage soup and mineral water, think: do you need this torture? If happiness is only for you, let it be a simple happiness, there’s nothing to fool with yourself, so say: “I have nothing – no apartment, no good friend, no heartfelt friend. Well, I’ll take away my last joy in the form of a roll with cream – what will change from this? “And remember forever: never lose weight after another trouble. Relieve weight when you have a happening in your life.

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